Arthur Murray Wedding Dance Programs

The Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance offer special wedding programs designed to help you with learning to dance for your First Dance, these dance programs can also be designed to help you in learning some fun social dances to enjoy with your wedding guests during your special day. You may be considering Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances at your wedding

Learning to dance for your wedding is a great way to spend time together before the big day and to develop a skill that will last forever. We will help you create a special moment where the two of you can enjoy the closeness of one another, dancing to a special song without feeling awkward or afraid. The investment of time and money will be the best one you make for your wedding day. A year from now or twenty years from now you and your spouse will still be dancing!

We know that Brides and Grooms today have very busy and demanding schedules that create stress. Dancing is considered a low impact aerobic activity so taking dance lessons not only gives you a chance to exercise, it can also help you unwind after a busy day.

Start early! The closer you get to your wedding day the more demands there will be for your time. We recommend starting six months to a year in advance. This will give you and your fiancé plenty of time to practice and develop a natural and confident look.

Be patient and encourage one another through the learning process, especially if you are new to dancing. Much like learning a new sport, part of learning to dance is developing new muscle memory and the key to this is repetition.

Your first dance lesson is a Private Lesson combined with a complimentary Wedding Dance Consultation for a special tuition rate of $50.00. This rate covers you both as a couple. There is no "per person" charge.

Your Wedding Program will be personally tailored to your needs and desires. Your Arthur Murray® Professional Dance Instructor will work with you to determine how you want your special dance to look.

Immerse yourselves in dance the first couple of weeks and the payoff will be big! Coming to the studio as much as possible in the beginning can really help move you and your fiancé through the initial learning stages so that dancing together will be fun and exciting. Choosing the music and learning the appropriate dance will help make these moments a great experience as well. Think about the other dance opportunities at your wedding.

It is never "too late" to start learning. If you find that you have forgotten about learning to dance until the last minute…then your Arthur Murray® Wedding Dance Specialist will create a flexible program to teach you as much as possible in the time you have available.